"I'll get the blanket...

...from the bedroom..."

Lyric snippet from "The Blanket On The Ground" by Billie Jo Spears.

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...I love 'em! I love them to look at......in piles on chairs.....casually thrown over a sofa......on the floor outside for a picnic......on babies' beds.....on grown up beds......draped over the seats of cars......and anywhere else anybody cares to put them!

I love them in solid colours......multi-colours......crocheted, knitted, or a combination of both......with patterns or pictures, and with textures within their fabric or on their surface.

I love to snuggle up under them - whether that be with someone special, on my own, or with a kitty or three (as is often the case in Tee's World!)

I've made lots of blankets over the years....I have at least two (that I can think of) currently on the go, and I'm sure I will make lots more in the coming years.

Attic 24 Blankets

Amongst my favourite blankets are the crochet ones which Lucy at Attic 24 designs. I've made a few of them, and have more on my 'blankets to make' wish list.

If you would like to visit the Attic 24 website, please click here for a link to the home page. (Opens in a separate web page).

The Moorland Blanket was the first of Lucy's blankets I made. It took a few attempts to get the "Neat Wave" pattern placement right, but once I'd got into the swing of it, it was no problem.

On the Attic 24 site, Lucy says that "The colours are inspired by the Yorkshire moorland in late summer when the hills are covered in vibrant swathes of purple heather".

It's a really pretty stitch pattern - I love the way the waves fit in between each other, and since it is repetetive, you soon get the hang of the rhythm.

I love all the colours too - such a variety, but they all marry together to make a fabulous blanket, full of colour.

I also like the simple edging, which doesn't detract from the vibrancy of the main blanket.

I really enjoyed making this blanket and it gave me a proper thirst to do more of Lucy's designs.

If you would like to make the Attic 24 Moorland Blanket, please click here for a link to the pattern page. (Opens in a separate web page).

The edging for the Moorland Blanket is via a separate link here. (Opens in a separate web page).

The next one of Lucy's blankets I made was the Woodland Blanket. I was particularly attracted to this one because of the colours Lucy chose - Autumn colours, from my favourite season.

On the Attic 24 site, Lucy has a link to the story behind her Woodland blanket, explaining how walking in the beautiful autumn scenery inspired her to design it.

This photograph shows the beautiful colours, so typical of our lovely British autumns.

The stitch pattern which Lucy designed is the "Woodland Ripple". This is a lovely, undulating stitch, which interlocks with itself as you build the rows, and which has intermittent openings between the stitches, giving a slight lacy effect. Again, it took a little while to master the placement, but then was easy to memorise and keep the momentum going.

The "Slipstream Edging", in Lucy's words "adds a firm narrow band around the ripple edge", and again doesn't detract from the vibrancy of the main blanket.

On the day that I finished it, I was up at Craig-y-Nos Country Park, with my Lovely Man at his studio, and it was a glorious sunny day......

......which meant that I could take some lovely pictures of my beautiful blanket, outdoors in the sunshine.

Definitely a photograph opportunity not to be misssed!

I really enjoyed making this blanket, and it remains one of my favourite blankets to date. As with the Moorland Blanket, it gave me a thirst to do more from Attic 24, and I next went on to do the Hydrangea Blanket, which I'll be featuring here soon, so watch this space!

If you would like to make the Attic 24 Woodland Blanket, please click here for a link to the page on the Attic 24 website, which has links to the separate parts of the pattern. (Opens in a separate web page).

Detailed instructions for the "Woodland Ripple" stitch pattern can be accessed here. (Opens in a separate web page).

I'll be adding more to this page over the coming weeks, so please check back often! Thank you for reading.

Up, up and away......

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