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It's only words

I love words. I love their construction, how they roll off the tongue....I love how words can comfort, heal, reassure, compliment, excite, enthuse, and enhance....that words can be used to tell someone how much you love them, and how fantastic and special they are. I love carefully chosen words, which can advise, convince, and sometimes show people how doing something another way may be better for them and the people around them. I also appreciate how easily words can hurt and damage - I've been on the receiving end of that, and I know I have been guilty of using them that way myself. I try very hard and very carefully not to do that now.

I also love reading. I read lots - always have done. I love the smell of books - new books and old books - to hold them, look at them, turn their pages, and curl up to read them with a cup of tea. Books can give a person so much, transporting them to another world or dimension, and feeding the imagination.

I've always wanted to write something which would be enjoyed in the way that I enjoy other people's writing. So, lots of years ago, I ventured into some creative writing. For a couple of years, I enrolled on some creative writing courses and wrote short stories, two fairy stories for my daughter, lots of poems, and just over five chapters of a book.

Then my life and circumstances changed. The whole lot went into a box and was put away in storage, and moved with us when my daughter and I moved house from Cardiff to Carmarthenshire.

I've recently been clearing stuff out - going through boxes, reliving memories (some good, some bad), and evaluating what might be next and what the future holds. For various personal and professional reasons, I am happier now than I have been for many years, and from that I can feel the creativity within me waking up from a long sleep.....so, I feel it might be the right time to explore some writing again.

The picture to the left is my little pile of writing stuff from all those years ago - liberated from its storage box!

A story for my Gowjus Girl

I wrote a fairy story,
Many years have passed,
It was about my Gowjus Girl,
Who grew up way too fast!

When Lydia my daughter was a little girl, she was obsessed - as lots of little girls are (and some bigger girls!) - with fairies!

For her sixth birthday - over 21 years ago, I wrote her a fairy story. At the time, somebody we knew who was a musician, wrote a theme tune for it, and we recorded the story (narrated by myself) onto cassette for Lydia to listen to. It was a very lovely time - Lydia had a fairy themed party for her birthday, and all the children were such good sports and dressed up as fairies. We had forty fairies sitting down to tea. It was delightful!

The way the world is at the moment, we need fantasy and fairy stories! So, please grab a cuppa, kick off your shoes, and indulge yourself for ten minutes or so in the company of Lydia and the Tooth Fairy! You can listen to my narration, and read the words of the story by clicking here and I'm sure you will not be disappointed!